Join Us Next Year for Cord Blood Connect 2024

Uniting the Vibrant Cord Blood and Perinatal Tissue Community

September 6–8 | Miami Beach, FL

Mark your calendars for Cord Blood Connect 2024Join us in an exhilarating gathering of public and family banks, clinical laboratory investigators, manufacturing facilities, educators, and more. This is your chance to be part of a transformative experience that will shape the future of this groundbreaking field.

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'Cord Blood Connect' Presentations Are Online

Cord Blood Connect Video Presentations

Watch the 2022 Cord Blood Connect Presentations

If you couldn’t attend the 2022 Cord BloodConnect international congress, missed some sessions that were concurrent, or simply want to see a session again, most presentations are posted online for playback. To further our mission of advancing cord blood and birthing tissue therapies and banking, the CBA Board of Directors has allocated funds to make the recordings open access, allowing you and the community to access the scientific and technical information you need. 

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The CBA is an international, non-profit organization that promotes both public and family cord blood banking, with the objectives of saving lives, improving health and changing medicine.

Our priorities are advocacy, quality products and services, market expansion, research and development, and public and professional education. If you share these interests, you are cordially invited to join with us.

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Information for Expectant Parents

Parent Information for Cord Blood

Expectant parents are faced with important decisions, even before their baby is born. One of the most important is a life-altering decision about whether to bank their baby’s umbilical cord blood, or donate it to help others. If the precious stem cells in cord blood are not banked, they are discarded as medical waste.

There’s no one choice that’s right for all parents. But health care professionals and parents have developed guidelines to help with the decision.

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