The Cord Blood Association has five priorities, none more important than advocacy. The association is representing the interests of the cord blood community in:

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  • Legislation
  • Regulation
  • Media relations
  • Health professional education
  • Parent education

For most of its history, since the first cord blood transplant in the late 1980s and the founding of the first cord blood bank in the early 1990s, there has been no industry-wide organization or voice for the cord blood community. Advocacy has been left to individual banks, registries, physician organizations and patient groups – each with its own perspective and sometimes distracting interests.

That’s worked to a degree. But the need for an organization precisely focused on cord blood was recognized overwhelmingly by industry representatives gathered for a global conference in 2014. The CBA, its structure, governance and programs, was created to fulfill that need.

The CBA is the new force for the cord blood community in government affairs and health professional and public education.

Legislative Reports

The CBA Legislative Reports provide comprehensive updates on congressional activities pertinent to the cord blood industry, aimed at advancing medicine and advocating for the field. Stay informed with our quarterly updates to understand the latest developments shaping the regulatory landscape for cord blood banking.

Legislative updates and insights provided by Sidley Austin, the dedicated lobbyist for CBA.

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