CBC Video Announcement

Fact Sheet– basic data and statistics about cord blood banking and cord blood therapies. (December 2021)

Online Education – archived webinars for cord blood banking administrators and technicians. (August 2021)

Research Advances – banking and therapeutic use of cord blood and related birthing tissues recently reported in the medical literature and at scientific meetings. (June 2023)

State of the Science – summary of the use of cord blood and related birthing tissues in current therapies and in clinical studies. (March 2021)

Resources of the cord blood association

Disease Indications – diseases for which cord blood therapies are currently used, and those in which cord blood use is being studied. (July 2021) - online searchable registry that finds current and past cord blood research studies worldwide. (July 2021)

Obstetrics Resources – best practices, a video guide for health professionals on collection techniques, CME programs, and other resources produced by the National Marrow Donor Program.  (November 2021)

Cord Blood Search Consultation – free assistance from the National Marrow Donor Program on cord blood unit selection. (December 2021)

Zika Virus Advisory – screening of donors to protect products and recipients. (August 2016)

Circular of Information for the Use of Cellular Therapy Products – an extension of cellular product labels, produced by CBA and 13 other associations in cooperation with the FDA and HRSA.  (June 2021)

Ebola Guidelines – screening procedures for safety of donors, health care workers, laboratory staff and recipients. (December 2014)