Who We Are

Our Mission

The Cord Blood Association is an international nonprofit organization that promotes both public and family cord blood banking and accelerates the use of cord blood and birthing tissues to benefit patients and advance medicine.

Umbilical Cord Blood Association Mission

Our members include both public and family banks and individuals in and served by the cord blood community including cord blood bank personnel, research investigators, laboratory technicians, patients, donors, regulatory officials, vendors and health care providers such as transplant physicians, obstetricians, pediatricians, nurses and midwives.


Our Vision

The Cord Blood Association and its members seek to be an association that unlocks and secures the potential of cord blood and birthing tissues for long, healthy lives.




Our Priorities

The Cord Blood Association has five priorities:

  • Quality products and services – through promotion of standards and accreditation
  • Advocacy – by representing the industry nationally and internationally in matters of health care policy, legislation, regulation and public and private healthcare programs
  • Market expansion – with readily available consumer access to banking services and cellular therapies
  • Research and development – through advancement and rapid adoption of novel technologies and therapies
  • Education – with aware, informed and empowered parents, healthcare providers and general public