Cord Blood Association Foundation Board of Directors


Heather Brown

Heather Brown, MS

Vice President Commercial Development
CBR by CooperSurgical, Inc.
San Francisco, CA




Kenneth Giacin

Kenneth Giacin

Co-Founder and Director
Mononuclear Therapeutics, Ltd.
Hong Kong




Marcie Finney

Marcie Finney, MS, MBA

Executive Director
Cleveland Cord Blood Center
Cleveland, OH





Colleen Delaney

Colleen Delaney, MD, MSc

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer 
Deverra Therapeutics
Seattle, WA




Lizette Dunay

Lizette Dunay

Parent Advocate
Atlanta, GA





Richard Jennings

Richard Jennings, MBA

US Fertility
Rockville, MD




Joanne Kurtzberg

Joanne Kurtzberg, MD

Carolinas Cord Blood Bank
Durham, NC




Aby J. Mathew

Aby J. Mathew, PhD

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
BioLife Solutions, Inc.
Bothell, WA




Christina Melief, PhD

Christina Melief, PhD

Scientific Advisor
Seattle, WA




Filippo Milano, MD, PhD

Filippo Milano, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Seattle, WA




Fred Sanfilippo, MD PhD

Fred Sanfilippo, MD, PhD

Director of the Emory-Georgia Tech Healthcare Innovation Program
Atlanta, GA




Asutosh Yagnik, PhD

Asutosh T. Yagnik, PhD, FRSC

Founder and CEO,
AdSidera Ltd, UK