A Conversation about Transient Warming Events

Bank representatives exchange experiences with event prevention, monitoring and validation

What is a transient warming event?  How is the impact of an event assessed?  Can transient warming events be prevented or at least minimized?

These are questions probed by public and family cord blood bank representatives in the second installment of Cord Blood Connect Conversations, a series of online, single-topic discussions hosted by CBA and available on-demand.

Click the viewer below for a two-and-a-half minute “trailer” preview of the conversation.

Inherent to a virtual Cord Blood Connect international congress are the missed opportunities for conversations with peers in the lecture hall aisles, coffee breaks, exhibit hall and around meal tables. This pilot series of on-demand conversations is produced by the CBA Member-to-Member Networking Task Force to facilitate interaction among members outside of the virtual annual congress.

Click below for the full recorded conversation about the management of transient warming events.