Family Bank Sales Support Cord Blood Clinical Research

A portion of proceeds of units processed and stored is headed to the CBA Foundation

The New England Cord Blood Bank (NECBB®) is donating a portion of the proceeds for each domestic cord blood unit processed and stored to support clinical research and education of the Cord Blood Association Foundation.

The bank announced in March its program to donate a portion of the proceeds for each new domestic cord blood enrollee. In the first couple months, more than $10,000 has been contributed to the foundation.

NECBB Research“The New England Cord Blood Bank has been committed to research in the scientific development of umbilical cord blood stem cell therapies since its inception in 1997,” said Karen Nikosey, NECBB president. “The advancement of cord blood stem cell therapies over the past 20+ years has been remarkable. We’re confident that research clinical trials over the next 20 years will have an even more dramatic impact in the advancement of potential cures for debilitating diseases and disorders.”

The new CBA foundation is initially focused on neurological disorders, including autism and cerebral palsy, based on recently published clinical studies suggesting that cells contained in umbilical cord blood may be a beneficial treatment. A multi-center trial conducted through the foundation will allow for collection of additional clinical data to determine if the preliminary results can be confirmed in a larger group of patients with these disorders.

“The ongoing contributions from the New England bank will help advance CBA Foundation-sponsored research developing novel therapeutics using cord blood and cord tissue cells,” said Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg, CBA president. “With the support of NECBB and others we can expand access to cord blood infusions through the multi-site study for children with acquired brain injury.”

The foundation this year and last has received significant corporate grants, but this is the first funding initiative based on a bank’s sales.

The NECBB and its affiliated company, New England Cryogenic Center, Inc., is a privately owned and operated laboratory established in 1971. The Cord Blood Association Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit subsidiary of the Cord Blood Association that supports clinical research for the use of cord blood and related tissues in hematopoietic therapies and regenerative medicine.

CBA members include both public and family cord blood banks, health care professionals, industry partners, and cord blood donors and patients whose objectives are improving health and changing medicine.