Board of Directors Updates CBA Strategic Plan

New plan’s objectives emphasize expanded uses of cord blood

Soon after the Cord Blood Association was born, its first Board of Directors adopted a strategic plan. That three-year-old plan, now largely accomplished, has been replaced with a new one.

The new plan is centered on rapid development and acceptance of novel uses of cord blood and an expanded demand for cord blood and perinatal tissue products and services.

Included in the plan is a task force whose charge is to promote research and development in cord blood and perinatal tissue transplant, cellular therapies and regenerative medicine, and to speed adoption of novel therapies.

The genesis for the new plan was a Board of Directors retreat held in March. Officers and directors reviewed the association’s achievements over the several years since the association’s founding and evaluated short- and long-term needs.

Based on the retreat’s discussions and conclusions, a draft plan was written for what’s to be accomplished over the next two to three years. The draft plan was approved by the Board in July.

Realistic Goals

The new strategic plan includes goals, tactics, assigned responsibilities and deadlines. Over the coming weeks there will be a re-organization and consolidation of some committees for implementation of the plan.

 “When the first strategic plan was crafted in 2015, it was largely a ‘wish list’ of the leaders of the new association,” CBA President Joanne Kurtzberg said. “It represented the directors’ educated guesses about what lay ahead. Yet it’s surprising how much of the first plan we’ve been able to accomplish.

“For the new plan, things are different. Experience has given the association’s leaders a much greater understanding of the organization’s strengths and how to mobilize to achieve realistic goals,” she said.

As part of the planning process, the Board also fine-tuned the association’s mission, vision and values statements:


Why we exist . . .

To accelerate the use of cord blood and perinatal tissues to benefit patients and advance medicine.


Core beliefs that we hold in highest regard . . .

  • Effective leadership for the cord blood and perinatal tissue community, achieved through a voluntary organization of practicing professionals
  • High ethical standards and scientific integrity
  • Collegiality and positive interaction among members
  • Innovative, evidence-based research that advances medical technologies and therapies
  • Compassionate support and education for patients and donors


The organization that we aspire to be . . .

  • An association that is the voice of the cord blood and perinatal tissue community
  • An association that is purposeful, cohesive and effective
  • An association that saves lives and improves health though advances in the practice of medicine 

“I think the new plan is exciting, and I can’t wait to get started on it,” Dr. Kurtzberg said. “Our international volunteer leaders once again have demonstrated their wisdom and foresight on what needs to be accomplished for our community and patients.”

The complete strategic plan is available upon request to the CBA headquarters office.